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Bathroom Paintings

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Bathroom Paintings Pintdecor

Bathroom Paintings Pintdecor

Manufacturer: Pintdecor

Waterproof art panels, which are an absolute innovation in interior design. Waterproof panels are real works of art and design, they will be part of your personal space, but also the public from now on. The panels are made of polyethylene and aluminum and are printed (hard copies) and they are waterproof thickness 4 mm heat-resistant, resistant to pressure, humidity, waterproof and resistant to treatment with detergents. They can be easily fastened with glue, as all the ostonali type. The maximum size of one piece is 150 * 305 cm, but also can be made in larger sizes with more pieces or smaller according to your requirements. Both sides of the Panel are printed with transparent coatings can also be with shiny and glossy, extra coverage is able to furnish with style your bathroom and much more, covering inside or outside showers, baths, but also against the wall and create a real environment. The panels are fully can be personalizarani with your own photos and pictures or selected in our database with millions of images: each client can choose the subject and size that match its environment and based on its budget.
Selection of photos visit: http://www.shutterstock.com/

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